Tuesday Tottie: James Haskell

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I’m pretty sure the world and his mother know who James Haskell is, but with the recent launch of his Facebook Fanpage I thought I’d give The Hask some TT love anyway.  If you’re not aware, James is a Rugby Union player, currently at Stade Francais and an England regular.  He’s 25, bloody tall, sexy and from the amount of time he spends tweeting, I’m assuming single. 

Most importantly, he looks good. He looks good clothed (and with friends):

Naked (many thanks to whoever it was that uploaded this beauty to his fan page):

In pink:

In action:


He even looks good with me:

I know he’s a little cocky sometimes, but it’s all part of his charm.  And if you follow his tweets, I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s usually entertaining. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Happy Tuesday.

You can find and contact Hask pretty much everywhere:

His website: http://www.jameshaskell.com/

His Twitter: http://twitter.com/jameshaskell

His Facebook: Click here (Become a fan now to be in with a chance of winning a pair of.. old socks? Come on, step it up Mr Haskell.)


Rafael Nadal wins US Open

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Last night Nadal beat Djokovic in a tough 4 sets to become US Open Champion.  In doing this he also joined an elite group of players to complete a career slam.  At the age of only 24 surely it’s not long until he will be overtaking Roger Federer and placing himself top of the pack. 

The final was a thriller, with both men giving it their all, and especially in Djokovic’s case, leaving their heart and soul out on court.  What a fight of a match.  Unfortunately there was only ever likely to be one winner, and in the words of Novak Djokovic himself: “Right now he’s the best player in the world and he absolutely deserves this title.”

Congratulations to Nadal, his biceps and his fine fine ass.

New Season. New Manager. Same Shit.

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Liverpool you will send me to an early grave.  Why must you make everything so hard?  Seriously, being a fan right now is hard work.  Living in constant fear that our best players want to leave, waiting for the day we go into administration, having to listen to daily verbal battering’s from the media and fans – mainly our OWN fans.  Watching my beloved club slowly follow Leeds down to the lower leagues, is that really what is happening? 

And yet each week I still believe. I still get excited before kick off, I have hope and faith we will perform. We’ll prove everyone wrong.  We WILL fight for that Champions League spot.  And then you go and get your arses handed to you by Birmingham. Birmingham!!! You do realise we are playing Manchester United this weekend don’t you? Put in a performance like that against them and not even Pepe can save us.  Because lets be honest, without Pepe in goal for us this past Sunday, our position in the league could be even more depressing than it is now.  And it’s already pretty fucking depressing.

You make me sad and you make me cry. But still, this Sunday, I will once again get excited watching you walk out onto the  pitch. The hairs on the back of my neck will stand up as I hear ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ echo around the stadium.  I will believe all over again, but this time, I beg you, please don’t break my heart.

I was going to add an ‘inspirational’ video here, but I think instead we could all just do with something to make us smile;


Tommy Bowe and Timmy Mallett

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As if I needed any more reason to love Tommy Bowe, he posts this photo on Twitter:


Cristiano Ronaldo for Timeforce Watches

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Topless, naturally.

And a little bonus video. Since Kickette Tweeted this yesterday, I have pretty much watched it on a loop. A sneak preview of Ronaldo’s new Armani advert. It’s GOOD. Very very good.

No better way to start the weekend, than with Bacon!

Xabi Alonso: Playing Daddy, checking BB, looking gorgeous.

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All in a days work for this guy.

Checking Twitter..?

Well spotted by @nathalianess for father/son matching t-shirts. Could they be any cuter?

Xabi, don’t ever change.

Image source: http://www.bellazon.com/main/

Jenson Button for Head and Shoulders

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Yeah, I know these are a few months old, but deal with it..