BALLER BINGO – World Cup Version

YES! Baller Bingo is back!! Now I would like to say I have worked really hard getting this ready, but in fact I spent about 1 day back in April working hard and have been drunk since then. However I have still produced a game and would greatly appreciate you all playing, and inviting as many people as you know to play aswell.

If you do not know the rules then basically it is just bingo, with a pervy twist. Pick a card. Watch a game. Tick what ya see/hear. Get drunk version – have a shot everytime you see something on your card. Have fun. Eaaaaasy!

Now, I have made 4 cards that can be used for any game! Just pick one and get playing!

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

However, if you would like to concentrate on just one team, then I have also made some country specific cards to be used. Some countries only have 1 card, and this is nothing to do with lack of help or my dislike of them, it is purely to do with my alchoholic lifestyle that I simply haven’t allowed enough time to do more…apologies.  I haven’t exactly been helped by all the injuries going on, so if a player that is now injured is featured on your chosen card, just ignore the name and look for any other player doing it.

So, if you do wish to play for just one team then pick from below..


Australia 1

Australia 2


Denmark 1

Denmark 2

England 1

England 2





Italy 1

Italy 2

Portugal 1

Portugal 2

Spain 1

Spain 2



Many many thanks to all the lovely people that helped make World Cup Baller Bingo happen, you are all amazing and I will love you forever..

@FloellaSmirnoff  @Nathalianess   @tezary   @misspipita   @pervetastic @snrta_blue @gigglepops   @kailynleanne43   @nandiaramos   @aristeia      @TuttoBene   @MRWF   @melly2508   @jguesman   @usarsnl @markwhyy   @dutkae   @lemonstarbursts  @lovelamps

As for prizes, well I figured there would be too many winners to let you all pick a Tuesday Tottie winner. I’d be fully booked till the next World Cup. So, you will just have to deal with the satisfaction of winning. And hopefully most of you will be too drunk to care anyway  😀  However as the tournament gets towards an end (sob sob)  I will (probably, depending on current liver status) make other cards and the WCBB Final winner will win an actual prize you can hold in your hands. Amazing I know. I haven’t actually gone out and purchased it yet, but it will be awesome. Brownies honour.

All I have left to say is drink irresponsibly and HAVE FUN!!!


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